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Cambridge Cake Boutique


We have given an indication of some of our prices here.  As we offer a bespoke service, each customer will receive an individual quote based upon the complexity of the item required.  Quotes are based upon raw material costs and the time it takes to finish your design to our high standards.  If you do have a budget, please don't be afraid to let us know what is, we will be able to offer suggestions to accomodate your requirements.


Cakes - please note, we calculate a cake size on the following portion sizes:


Fruit cake - 1 inch square portion per person.  


Sponge cake - 2 x 1 inch portion per person.


Details of how to cut your cake to achieve these portions will be included with your order.


Based on these calculations you can cut 24 portions from a 5 inch square fruit cake, or 12 portions from the same size in a sponge cake.  Should you require larger portion sizes then please let us know so that we can adjust your cake size accordingly.


The starting prices for cakes is £65, however all cakes are individually quoted depending on the flavour and time it takes to achieve the required design.


Cupcakes - from 22.50 per dozen       (this price is for a vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream, other flavours and

                                                            decoration will incur an additional charge).


Corporate Cupcakes - from £2.20 each (individually boxed from £2.75 each)


Cake Pops -from £2.50 each                (this price is for a vanilla cake pop made with vanilla buttercream and includes

                                                             simple decoration, other flavours and additional decoration will incur an

                                                             additional charge).


Cookies - from £1.75 each.


Sweet Treats


Macarons start at £1.50 each.            Other sweet treats will be quoted individually depending on raw materials and any

                                                            personalised finishing.


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